Phoenix Audio Technologies to introduce revolutionary new Audio Conference Mixer for room collaboration environments


Phoenix is proud to introduce Stingray at the UC EXPO – its new installed room solution.

The Stingray is a scalable, all-inclusive, audio processing unit for conferencing. Each unit can process four microphone inputs and four line inputs to provide one automatically mixed output and up to four sound reinforcement and/or auxiliary channels. Each unit also comes with four amplified speaker outputs with 15W per channel. You can connect up to 15 units in a daisy chain, allowing you to mix up to 60 microphones!

The Stingray’s audio processing includes Phoenix’s proprietary noise canceling, echo canceling, smart mixing, and signal conditioning. It is extremely easy to setup and use, requiring the setup of only the microphone and speaker levels, but also offers zoning and other controls not seen before in our products.

The daisy chained units can be broken into any number of zones (up to 15) by simply turning any of the units to a primary unit. This designates all secondary units following it in the chain to operate in a specific zone under specified settings.

Zones can be turned on and off through the Stingray network GUI or through the display on the front panel of the unit. Any zone, in addition to supporting automatic mixing of its microphones, also supports four line inputs configurable as auxiliary or sound reinforcement.

All Stingray units come with built-in USB, analog, and SIP communication. With the included power amplifier abilities, the Stingray is a one-stop-shop distributed array audio solution for any conferencing environment!

The Stingray is revolutionary in its powerful performance, extremely easy setup, extendibility, and variety of interfaces – all standard. There is no other solution that provides so much for so little; it’s complicated on the inside and simple on the outside.

Visit us and see it on stand C103.

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