Hackett REL save £60k in mobile phone charges with Olive


Hackett REL Ltd is owned by The Hackett Group, a US-based management consultancy firm operating all over the world. The London office (Hackett-REL Ltd) is responsible for the financial arrangements of the European and APAC business, which includes the management of 100 mobile phone connections across Europe and Asia. Hackett-REL were looking to streamline their costs, and one of the first places they looked was their mobile phone bills, as employees spend a lot of time travelling on business and working from home.

The problem
“With consultants regularly working abroad, Hackett- REL was experiencing high monthly mobile phone bills due to call costs, data roaming charges and low data allowances. Moreover, some users when working from home were experiencing poor signal with phone calls dropping out and slow mobile data speeds.

Finally, with the London office managing the mobile phone billing across Europe and Asia, there was the need to bring in all billing across those territories into one easy to understand and manage solution. On a recommendation from a third party contractor, Hackett approached Olive Communications with a view to completely overhauling its mobile connections.

The solution

One of the first actions Olive took was to audit the communication needs of Hackett-REL, evaluating the connections and tariffs to ascertain whether they were a best-fit solution. This discovery process demonstrated that a large proportion of the connections were not on the most cost effective tariff, which was the cause of the high data charges and call costs.

Oimageslive took immediate steps to rectify this, examining each bill in detail to determine where savings could be made. The result was a change of tariff for these users, adding a data bolt-on for those that were regularly exceeding their data allowance. Olive continues to operate a close management of the mobile bills for Hackett-REL, periodically changing the tariffs for users when necessary in order to keep costs under control.

To combat the challenges presented by their consultants working from home and experiencing poor signals, and in an effort to keep all of the connections with the same carrier rather than having to move networks, Olive recommended the very simple installation in their homes of the Vodafone Sure Signal. A plug-in device that boosts phone reception and creates a 3G signal, the Sure Signal is not new to the market, but provides a quick and effective solution using the broadband connection.

Finally, to help Hackett-REL manage its Europe and Asia mobile phone billing, Olive set them up with Olive Business Manager (OBM), an online tool that collates all of the bills from the different carriers and converts the amounts to sterling for ease of reference and payment. Initially rolled out for bills from UK, and looking to add France and Holland, OBM allows Hackett to see all mobile phone bills in one place, drilling down into each connection’s usage for data, messaging and calls, making the process much simpler, quicker and easier.

The benefits

The outcome of moving to Olive has been three fold for Hackett:

  1. Switching to Olive has seen a reduction in the monthly costs in excess of £60k in the first year in mobile phone bills, impacting the bottom line.
  2. Using OBM, Hackett can now process all mobile phone bills in one platform, saving the finance team valuable time, as well as money.
  3. As a result of the immediate success, Hackett- REL is also looking to Olive for provide broader telephony systems and fixed line provision, creating a unified communications contract.

The savings we have made with Olive have been both fast and sizeable – we can’t recommend the Olive team enough. We are already recommending Olive to other companies because our working relationship is so good and because the customer care and service is second to none,” explains Scott Kellett, finance manager at Hackett-REL.





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