Reflecting a Work Life Balance: Skype for Business


Be more productive, so you don’t have to compromise on the things that matter most

The line between our day job and home life is blurring.

The more we squeeze in, the harder it is to get everything done. Often there is a knock-on effect and something has to give – whether that’s meeting a critical work deadline or missing out on time with family or friends.

If we could be more productive at work then we could enjoy more time out of work.

What does being more productive really mean?

Here’s a story about Jo. She’s a long way from home for an important client meeting. The negotiations are going well but she still needs more time, so she’s delayed her flight back.

On top of her demanding day job, Jo works hard to spend time with her family. Her daughter has an important violin recital tomorrow and Jo has promised she will be back home in time to watch.

For Jo, being productive means working remotely with her team, closing the deal quickly and efficiently, and keeping her promise to make it home for her daughter’s recital.

But can she do it?

After her big meeting, we join Jo as she regroups in the park – with help from Skype for Business.

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