Great sound is more important than video, Konftel survey reveals


The vast majority of Conference users (87%) think great sound is more important than video, according to a global survey from leading manufacturer Konftel.

“Sound is the basis of every meeting. The other elements can be worked around, but if you cannot clearly hear, then the meeting is over,” says Jeff May, Konftel’s UK Sales Director.

The findings – conducted from 60 major companies around the world – were revealed after Konftel introduced a trio of new audio conferencing innovations boasting HD sound performance – including a world first.

“From our survey results only 2% value video as the most important enabler in remote meetings and 6% screen sharing,” Jeff pointed out.

“This is why for almost 30 years we at Konftel have refined and developed our unique OmniSound technology to perfection. A range of factors guarantee that OmniSound enable meetings to be conducted in the highest audio quality, without interference from sound clipping, damping or echo. These include for instance our hypersensitive 360 degree omni-microphone, powerful loudspeakers, full duplex capability and noise suppression.”

With OmniSound as the base, the majority of Konftel models also provide HD audio quality whenever the communication platform and network allow it. HD calls have much more natural sounding speech than the sound from conventional phone calls. It picks up tones of voice and nuances, making conversation more fluid, Jeff explained.

The three new Konftel offerings, two new models and a unique wireless solution, all bring HD audio to remote meetings:


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The Konftel 55Wx acts as a communications hub and connects to computers, mobile phones, tablets and desktop phones. It’s an easy-to-use, compact conference device with impressive, crystal clear HD sound. Ideal for Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber and other collaboration tools. which along with enhanced Bluetooth performance for NFC pairing and HD audio streaming, make it an easy to use and must have UC device for any situation.

The Konftel 300Mx is the only mobile conference phone in the world. With crystal clear HD Voice calls and a powerful battery, it provides organisations with total flexibility. Meetings can start quickly anywhere, anytime and without compromise, including web meetings.

Konftel Wireless IP (Konftel 300Wx + IP DECT 10) lets users enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity combined with superior OmniSound audio quality in any SIP environment. Use the Konftel 300Wx speakerphone together with the new Konftel IP DECT 10 base station to connect up to 5 HD capable conference phones to IP telephony. The flexible Konftel 300Wx is also ideal for Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber and web meetings.

The new product launches are supported by Konftel’s high impact #omnisound awareness campaign, featuring a ‘Kill the Noise’ video clip, campaign web pages with audio examples and promotion material in both physical and digital format.

Jeff concluded: “At Konftel we recognise that even the smallest noise can be a real distraction so we use a fly to represent the annoying sound that can ruin meetings. Our answer to this customer problem is of course Omnisound. The story about the search for the perfect sound is based on an interview with Dr Sound himself, John-Erik Eriksson, who is one of the two inventors of the first ever conference phone. With Konftel all users benefit from Collaboration – Powered by OmniSound.”

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